First post

I’ve been meaning to start one of these for a while. Then tonight I wrote something that I absolutely wanted to share with, well anyone. But that will come after a brief introduction to my “bit”. I was inspired to write as I recalled my first philosophy lecture today and a tremendous professor I’m so happy to be studying with. I can tell already there are things I *currently* disagree with him on, but I am looking forwards to excellent debates and being exposed to new schools of thought that could possibly turn my ideas upside down. I also can’t argue with his method of interrogation. And I do mean interrogation. When students ask questions (which is the entire structure of the course), he breaks down students’ sentences to demonstrate how words often fall short of explaining “truth”, or simply are used incorrectly. So tonight before bed I was thinking about if/when I can engage in conversation with this professor, what would I say? I don’t want to waste time arguing semantics, and I already know how damn good he is at that.

I should mention, the class is called “Contemporary Moral Issues”. Though today we barely touched the idea of morality, we did stumble upon a very focal idea. **I’m going to call this professor “Doogs”, because this is my blog and I can write whatever I want** Doogs wrote on the board first thing “Ethics is personal”, which is a concept I’m well acquainted with. It means each person’s definition of ethics (or anything at all) is detached from any kind of universal reality which would link each person’s definition to one another. Yeah, I get it. BUT as of this point in my life, I do believe in a universal moral reality. Hey! Maybe Doogs will prove me wrong by the end of the semester, or this month. But right now, I think science can do a lot more to provide evidence for the concept of moral truths.

So this bit is my first stab at what I would say to Doogs. I’d say it’s much more poetic than my actual speech, but it allows me to step outside the rigidity that typical language sometimes encourages. I’m sure that is why poetry came to be in the first place.

Human Connectivity

Then what about society? Why society? If we are all separated (even if only by tissue, by atoms…by our definition of separate), then why do we come together? And I DO mean “we”; the collective, abstract idea of “we” that has defined the human spirit, which I feel to define as wholly good. There are universal truths, as well as universal exceptions. If I’ve learned anything from quantum physics, true and false are not the only two categories. Possibilities are endless, and one possible outcome was society. What does the word Harmony mean for you?

It feels great to write!


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