The Universally Integrated System

Minority Report

Minority Report concepts not so crazy, eh?

Recently I have noticed that the concept of a universally integrated system (UIS) is not generally understood, or simply thought of by the average person. It has become abundantly clear to me that eventually all technology will be integrated. This is already the popular trend, whether noticed or not.

What I mean is that one day….ONE DAY, we will not have to mess around with so many goddamn crazy dumb cords.

But that’s only one tiny feature of the awesomeness that a UIS would give! The further we travel in the era of technology, the more individual pieces of technology are invented, which means there is an overall increase in differences between individual systems.

The leaders of our technological future know this well. In fact, we do see more systems all the time becoming more compatible with each other. But when you actually see the whole scope of possibilities that a UIS would promote, the advancements made so far appear absolutely minute. Doesn’t mean efforts aren’t in the right direction, all I mean to say is OMG HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF ALL THE POSSIBILITIES?!?!?! We might not even have enough existing language to describe all of the possibilities. Thank about THAT.

For the sake of a contemporary example, let’s just focus on publicly common systems, such as Apple’s system. What have been the most convenient advances to your Apple phone or computer? Well, every system update, it becomes significantly easier to connect and share information between Apple devices. But imagine! What if brands and device categories no longer bordered these systems? IMAGINE *gasp* it didn’t matter you left your computer adapter at home. Imagine it didn’t matter that your document was saved in a “certain format”, imagine instead your document just was. 

These ideas are absolute baby steps compared to what is possible. So here’s my homework for you: open your mind to scrutinizing technology. I feel that there is a stale air under which some people assume technology advances by order of the corporation. Technology does not have to be this way, we can make incredible things possible as long as the general public THINKS about them. So next time you can’t remember what your goddamn password is for THAT ONE SITE, allow yourself to imagine what could be in place of a password. Next time you wish you could tap you debit card on the subway to pay for fare, wonder how a system would be able to actually support that action.

Brainstorm, people. There is work to be done. The future is ours to create. OR AT LEAST JUST TO THINK ABOUT. 



  1. Mick Theebs

    The thing that worries me about a Universal System is the high potential for abuse and control. It would also be quite hard to remain anonymous in such a world where this system exists.

    I don’t want to say that the bad outweighs the good. I think things at this point are just hanging in a precarious balance

    • annaeneumann

      Very good point. That is why I believe we need a social revolution when people demand the unmasked fluidity of information. The power of a devious corporation is lost once enough people know that they are being schemed. I believe as time goes on it will be easier and easier for the average lazy person to learn about the shady dealings of politicians and corporations. Currently, too many people are satiated by the personal “mememememe!” bubble that culture has created for us. But times are changing, and there is NO excuse these days to remain uninformed about the world around us. If our culture sets a new standard for the pursuit of constant education (which does NOT require a class), there will be less and less places for unethical plots to be made by corporations. This is all possible only if people demand that it become a reality.

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